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Solid steel frame

Why buy a wooden framed mound that may rot or a flimsy cheap fold up mound or an unrealistic rubber or fiberglass

mound? The New Pitching Mound has solid steel base plates and steel frame that creates a long lasting balanced mound

you can enjoy for years. A treated top with heavy turf and strategic drop supports create for a game realistic landing.

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Heavy-duty Turf

Solid thick turf with strong support backing and an increased pile height direct from the factory in Georgia.

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6" or 10" Adjustable Height!!!

Baseball Regulations dictate that a 6" mound height is proper through Little league but after Little league the proper

height jumps to 10". Our revolutionary Patented (US Patent # 7,621,831 B2) design on the New Pitching Mound allows for

both a 6" and a 10" height adjustment feature! New Pitching Mound is the only mound on the market with this vital

height adjustment feature!

Our New Pitching Mound can be adjusted to a 6" height to accommodate Little League youth players and it can also be

adjusted up to a 10" height to accommodate Pony, Colt, Junior, High school, College and Professional baseball players alike.

Why should you ever have to buy two pitching mounds just because your player finishes Little League or because you

have other pitchers using your mound? Unlike other mounds on the market, any age pitcher can be confident he is pitching

from the proper regulation height with our New Pitching Mound. The pitcher can simply adjust the mound to the appropriate

6" or 10" Regulation height. You will never have to worry about pitching from an incorrect height as you may with

all other mounds.

This new innovative stabilizer height adjusting technology is patented by the United States Patent office in 2009 and

is protected and manufactured exclusively by New Pitching Mound, LLC.

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Portable with 2 wheels included

All New Pitching Mounds come with two wheels for easy mobility. The Mounds are very solid but easily portable.

When you are finished moving the mound you can simply change out the wheels for the base stands in one minute

with our easy patented pin system.

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Pitching Rubber

Heavy duty solid white rubber that is a full 3/4" thick.

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7' & 8' Length and standard 3 foot width

Now you can choose the New Pitching Mound that is just right for you!

7 foot (Generally recommended for most 5-15 year old players),

or 8 foot (Recommended For High School, College, & Pro Players) mounds are available.

The Mounds are engineered 3 foot wide. We have found that if mounds are more than 3 foot wide

the trailing (ride the horse) foot could hit the side of the mound.

We have stopped making the 4 foot widths because of that danger.

Several High schools and Colleges across the United States have purchased

the Pitching Mounds and love them. We have also received praise from a

number of Little leagues across the Country. They are very sturdy and durable mounds.

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New Pitching Mound, LLC has sold 15 new pitching mounds to the Banditos Baseball Club who

are the proud owners of over 60 National Baseball Championships in *USSSA, Super Series,

AAU, CABA, IBC, Simply The Best, Triple Crown, & Perfect Game.

The Banditos Baseball Club are also the proud owners of over 115 STATE BASEBALL TITLES!

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Practice Mounds

Our mounds are great for indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for High Schools, College teams, and Little Leagues.

Also great for any baseball training facility, bullpen, batting cage, or backyard.

The pitching mounds can even be used in real games but only if dirt/clay is properly built up

around all sides of the mound for safety reasons. This could save also on the maintenance of game mounds.

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